Company Name: Programa Mundial de Alimentos

Location: El Salvador

Industry: ONG

Apps Implemented: Inventory, Manufacturing

Project overview

Properly manage warehouses and locations through Odoo's control tools, enabling the company to achieve its objectives efficiently and without delays. This process ensures comprehensive inventory management, allowing for seamless execution of operations.

Category: Acounting

For the company: Programa Mundial de Alimentos

Key challenges


Transition from spreadsheet controls to an ERP system.


Adaptation of the staff for the use of an ERP system as an inventory management tool.


Standardization of processes for their use in an ERP system.


Control of kits as part of the internal processes of the company.


Knowing the status and location of each product within the company was a satisfying aspect of the implementation. This was made possible by the highly intuitive and user-friendly inventory module of Odoo, which allows users to efficiently manage their products at any time.

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- Mr. Anand Aggarwal

(Director and CEO, Brijraj Fashion)

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