Company Name: Ferretería El Indio S.A de C.V​

Location: El Salvador

Industry: Hardware store

Apps Implemented: Accounting, Purchasase, Inventory, Sales, Manufacturing, CRM, Point of Sale, Absence.

Project overview

Utilizing inventory and sales control tools in the company's branches with the primary purpose of enabling real-time visibility for the management regarding profits, expenses, and relevant operations. This is achieved through the use of tools provided by Odoo, facilitating timely decision-making.

Category: Acounting

For the company: Ferretería El Indio S.A de C.V

Key challenges


Limitation of views by user type in each branch.


Control of sales orders and point of sale during cash register closures.


Sheet cutting process, using minimal factors to maximize costs.


Reporting of control for different areas used by management for decision-making.


The sheet cutting process was causing operational issues for the client as there was no automated system to control it. By implementing Odoo and its manufacturing module, each step of the client's cutting process was effectively managed, ensuring that costs were controlled at all times.


"I have recommended and continue to recommend Treming for their professionalism and experience in the field of software implementation. Having implemented Odoo with them has allowed me to better manage my processes. Every new development is tailored to meet my specific needs, and that is what is currently making a difference in my company. For this reason, I feel extremely grateful to Treming."

- Mr. Cesar Peraza

(CEO, Ferretería El Indio)

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