RPA Developer


We are looking for people who are passionate about process automation, who have technical skills and knowledge that allow them to adequately develop the assigned activities from the perspective of understanding and operating RPA and therefore efficient automation solutions, as well as effective communication skills to collaborate with teams. multidisciplinary stakeholders and end users.

¿What will you do?:

  Automation of processes, allowing them to be carried out manually or based on high volume rules.

 Responsible for designing and developing software bots using RPA tools and frameworks. 

 Committed to using global software development standards, as well as systems integration, maintenance and monitoring, documentation (including workflows

Technical skills:

 Solid hands-on experience using popular RPA tools and frameworks, such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism

 ​Solid knowledge in some of the following programming languages ​​such as c#, java, Python or .Net, as well as having the technical ability to write scripts and manipulate data for task automation

 Experience in system integration, including API, web services and databases.