Lourdes Hospital success story

Who is Lourdes Hospital?

My name is José Omar Duarte, I am a doctor by profession and founder and director of the Hospital Centro Médico Lourdes. The Hospital Centro Médico Lourdes is a hospital with a long history and experience located in Lourdes, Colón. We have a wide variety of services such as: Medical Services, Surgical Services, Diagnostic Services, Radiology and Imaging, Clinical Laboratory, Pharmacy, Dental Services, Hemodialysis and hospitalizations in general.

At the Lourdes hospital we have more than 20 specialties attended by multiple highly trained specialists who are available and ready to care for all our patients in the best possible way.

What led you to implement Odoo in the Hospital?

Within the hospital we had many information deficiencies and we knew that we needed to update our processes and have adequate tools to be able to better care for our patients. Therefore, after analyzing and looking for various solutions in the market, we came to Treming, who told us about a solution that promised to solve all the problems we had at that time.

After implementing the system, we really had full control of everything that happened in our company, for example: We have real-time access to what happens in all areas of the hospital, as well as the follow-up given to patients and their conditions, statistical and financial information that we did not have before.

What led you to trust Treming as a company that implements your information systems?

We saw in Treming a strong company, with a lot of experience, a modern company and it is also well recognized in the region as leading implementers of ERP-type solutions and their verticals. Also, something that caused us confidence is that they are certified gold partners and really the pioneer company of odoo in El Salvador, they were the first odoo partners in El Salvador.

At this time we have been several years since we implemented the system, in this time we were already able to experience all the benefits that at that time were only expectations. Today we can see from our own experience that after the implementation we have greatly improved the way we run our hospital.

Something that I really liked about the experience of having worked with Treming, is the commitment they acquire in the implementation process, they get to work with us, shoulder to shoulder and guide us throughout the process to make the implementation a success.

Thank you for your attention, and see you soon!

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