We are a company that cares about knowing and understand the needs of all our clients, with the single goal to incorporate to the made work teams, specialists that posses the academic formation and expertise needed to work in function to results and customer’s company objectives.


  • Lower costs, because our clients do not invest in making a team work.
  • We establish strategic alliances and long time relationships, because that allow us to grow and be part of the organizations.
  • The consultants that we get involve in projects, share the organizational culture of our clients.
  • We care about to provide consultants that give solution to your projects.
  • We have a highly qualified team that take care all your needs, right to your business model.
  • Our values are, commitment, responsability and the quality in all we do.
  • We are compromised with the human resource, in function to reach excellent results.
  • We are responsable to give to all our clients the human talent, for their projects exec.

Why Treming?

We are unique in provinding a integral model service, in which we focus to incorporate to your projects, consultants that back up your objetives, goals and quality standars. Besides we care to comply your deadlines for every solution.

OUR Process






Mailing Address

Calle y Colonia La Mascota, #235, San Salvador
,El Salvador