ABOUT head hunter

Treming has a highly trained professional’s team for the human talent atraction, specifically in IT departments. We focus on the analisis, evaluation, selection processes, interviews per competences, phycological evaluations, and techniques in relation to the vacancy requeriments that businesses requires. Because of our trajectory and professionalism that describes us, it allows us to provide to our clients a integral service, which takes us to comply with the quality standars.


  • We offer to companies the specialized human talent they need, and we achive to low their time and money expenses.
  • Our human talent atraction’s especialists are focus on specialized technical people research.
  • Our clients look to who can carry the process, with the objetive to attend their company needs.
  • We are the ones who are responsable to execute the selection process, which is follow by efficiency and effectivity on the personal contracting.
  • The service obtained by the clients is described as strategic and integral.
  • We focus to give in every executed process, a technical consultancy for their business good.

Why Treming?

Our trajectory and international expertise, also the multitask profesionals that back up allowed us to analize, and improve our processes for becoming and showing to our clients that they are our strategic allies, technical team and we always look for awesome resources to incorporate them to their companies.

OUR Process






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Calle y Colonia La Mascota, #235, San Salvador
,El Salvador